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Artist Statement

Telling the story of a tree, one bowl at a time.

God creates the trees; I simply try to find the bowl hiding inside the log.

My bowls are my passion and my hobby. I am involved in the whole process of turning the bowls. I harvest the logs, cut them up with my chainsaw, turn the bowls, sand them out, finish them, and finally wax them. Larger bowls come from much larger, heavier logs. My prices are based on the time involved in making each bowl and the type of wood used. I specialize in natural edge bowls, where the rim of the bowl gets its shape directly from the outside edge of a tree. I also like to turn crotch bowls. These have a cool design in the bottom of the bowl created by a stretch mark in the area between the trunk and the limb of the tree. The bowls have a unique shape. I also can turn large bowls that work well for centerpieces on large tables or they can be used as a photo prop for infant photographers. 

My bowls are not considered food safe, so you can’t eat soup or salad in them or put them in the dishwasher. You can use them for dry items (chips, nuts, or candy) and they make great conversation starters. I can share the story of each bowl, so that you will know where the tree grew.  

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